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If it isn't boiled, it isn't a bagel. Uniquely, we use milk and honey in the recipe for a distinct crust and deliciously chewy center.

Most importantly they are leavened with sourdough, accomplishing an inimitable flavor profile.

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Spielman coffee is shade grown and roasted to the sweet spot of every bean. Each batch is Roasted on se hawthorne by our coffee specialist, alex, and is delivered weekly by bike to our shops. Not only is our coffee grown sustainably, but its delivered environmentally friendly.

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Bagel Chips

Spielman Bagel chips are made from our real, kettle-boiled Bagels. Lightly seasoned and baked to perfection, our chips are perfect to eat alone or paired with your favorite schmear.


Plain        Sea Salt        Herb & Salt        Cajun  

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Spielman schmear is Made in small batches with fresh, local ingredients. From whipped cream cheese to savory hummus, there is something for everyone!

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*Spielman bagels & Coffee is not an allergen-free facility